Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some friends...

So I've been busy  but I finally graduated from nursing school, and hopefully will have a job soon.  In my down time, I had a few things happen I will be talking about on here in the near future.  However since it is almost 5 am here I'm going to keep my "I'm back/alive" post short.  So here is a thread off one of my Facebook friends posts.  I highlighted the parts I'll actually bother to talk about, because if I wrote about all of the fail in this thread it could take up several pages.  Because I'm tired, I'll keep this brief.

First off, he obviously didn't bother to look this up.  I'll freely admit I don't always fact check things either, especially when it is painting a politician or pundit I don't like in a bad light.  However when its this conspiratorial and crazy... yeah I try and take that shite with a grain of salt.

The next part I like is where he discounts the fact checking site, because anything that doesn't agree with the anti-Obama message has to be a lie...  Not that the other guy did very well backing Snopes up with Wikipedia, but to equate Snopes with the Onion puts JS way out there in crazy conspiracy land.  This is the part I almost decided to jump into the fray....

...and then I got to the bottom and realized there was about as much of a point in commenting here as there would be in painting a wall with a dry paint brush.  A whole lot of effort and nothing to show for it.  However, his last two comments do show what I see so much of in people who associate with the Tea Party, and to a large extent around here, in the people who embrace the modern Republican party.  It's an attitude of "I know my facts, and your facts are irrelevant no matter how unreliable my source is or how good your source is". It is also the lack of regard for what is actually true, as long as I get to get some laughs while "sling poo at the a-hole".  The person that posted all of this is not someone I have been friends in real life with for quite some time, however here in Louisiana I have several friends who on most other matters are completely reasonable people, once the conversation turns to politics or anything to do with liberals or Obama this sort of "I hate them so I can say whatever I want and believe the craziest conspiracies about them" thinking seems to take over.  I know there are people on the left who are like this as well, but I just don't see it being nearly as prevalent.  Maybe it's because I'm living in a place where you are expected to be a conservative Christian Republican, so the majority of people who can break out of that kind of thinking are the people who actually think for themselves.  Perhaps in more liberal areas the reverse is true.  When I was living in Colorado though I didn't see much evidence of that though (possible I could have missed it because of my personal biases.)

Something I have to wonder about with this though, if he can acknowledge (kind of) that this claim against Obama has no merit and is based on a conspiracy theory, how does he not reach a point where he has to wonder about the accuracy of all the other terrible things he believes about the left and the president?  I also wonder what it is that causes him to be so full of hate and animosity to Obama and the left.  Perhaps I will just have to ask.

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    Usama bin Obama is such a tool.
    What the hell is this about? People are sick. Fake Sandy Hook parents! --Marky
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