Thursday, June 5, 2014

The helpful atheist project

So been pretty inactive here, but been pretty busy in meat space.  A while back I tried to get some interest going with some atheist Facebook groups for designing and ordering atheist shirts to wear and spread the good news about atheists (mostly hey we're here and we're people too).

Didn't get a lot of interest, so I did my first one myself (pictures later) with iron on letters stating "Hi  I'm an atheist", and have been wearing it around town (in N. Louisiana) for a few months.  Its been an interesting experience with lots of different reactions from people.  I'll post more on peoples reactions later, but over the course of wearing it I've started turning it into a sort of one man atheists are good people too publicity campaign to change peoples minds about atheists, one encounter at a time by tipping well, lending a helping hand wherever I see the opportunity, and in general trying to be the friendliest most polite person I possibly can be.  Having used cheap iron on letters, they are starting to crack and peal after a few months of pretty frequent wear.  So I think its time I evolve this project a little bit, and will soon be using an online t-shirt printing company to make a couple new shirts.  One version a lot like the first one, but with a font upgrade, and a second version along the lines of:

FRONT:                                                                                 BACK:

HELPFUL                                                                           How can I help you?

The idea being to wear this shirt, then venture forth into the public looking for people to help, places to volunteer, and in general going out to make the world a better, friendlier place wherever I can.  An additional part of this project is that I am intending to use a t-shirt printing company that allows you to sell shirts with your design, hoping to sell enough to sell enough to raise money for charity (Foundation Beyond Belief and St. Jude's).  The more people who jump in on this, the more good we can do, so heres to hoping this project takes off.