Thursday, April 5, 2012

Howdy yall!

So first post...  may as well make it something people can take as controversial lol

I recently came out as an atheist.  The Reason Rally happened on the National Mall in Washington D.C. and Rock Beyond belief happened on Ft. Brag, Sc, and the atheist blogosphere decided to make it a week for coming out of the atheist closet.  My wife had recently outed me as an "Angry Atheist" to her friends (BTW Im not really what people think of when they think "Angry Atheist")  I decided to go ahead and out myself before that became the assumption of my views and as a way of showing solidarity with those two atheist events, so I changed my Facebook profile picture to one from an atheist group that said "Good without gods".

(link here if your curious) 

Lifes gotten interesting since then.  I've since learned that most of my fellow nursing students do not believe in evolution, nor do they have a good idea about how the mechanics of the theory work.  (most also don't know the definition of a theory in the scientific lexicon either, but given the first that's not so surprising)

Despite the "compliment" I received from several of them that "I wouldn't expect you to be an atheist, your too nice/good/etc" it seems like many of those same people now look at me as less trustworthy.  There were several though that though they believe in the bible were willing to stand up for my right to believe or not and didn't seem to think it changed who they see me as, and I greatly appreciated that.

I should move onto another topic here, maybe about how my gardens going, or about all the cool stuff coming out in astronomy news stories lately, or maybe about how the cat just ran face first into a box he didn't notice because he was chasing a bug.  Instead I think Im going to call it a night so I can wake up in time for class tomorrow.  Perhaps Ill write about something truly awesome tomorrow.

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