Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A quick get ta know me...

One of the many sayings about how to know who somebody is, is to know what they've done.  I think you can see who somebody will be by what they read, so this post is a quick way to see what shapes parts of who I am.  So here's a quick list of the things I'm reading, blogs and otherwise.  If your interested in what I have to say Id be willing to bet your reading a few of them to.

Im reading a bunch of the people on here, I'm sure Ill be putting up links to interesting things from a lot of them.  Notably lately the Crommunist and Natalie Reed have gotten me thinking a lot about all the privileges I take for granted as a white male in this society.  I'm definitely learning from them to notice all the things I do without thinking about it.  For example the other day I made a comment to a friend of mine who is deaf that in someways highlighted my hearing privilege.

The friendly atheist is one of the first atheist blogs I started reading.  The man who runs it, Hemant Mehta, is the kind of atheist Ive found myself to be.  Angry at the worst of the things religions do, but more than willing to be friends with the religious, a far cry from the angry atheist painted in the imaginations of so many.

A lot of the stories at this page are more technical than Im really into, but there's a fair number of articles on there that are really really cool.

http://jeremydium.com/ AKA Violent Science
This is more my kind of science blog; dinosaurs, astrology, and occasionally the politics that intersects the sciences.

I get my news from Newsweek, the BBC, NPR, and occasionally other places.  Until I graduate I probably wolnt keep up with the news as much as I should, but fortunately I graduate soon.

I enjoy a lot of different genres of fiction, but as of late its mostly been Norse mythology and science fiction.  There's a lot of science fiction I haven't read yet, but I've read a fair bit and the rest Ill get to.

Ill probably put up a more substantial post tomorrow, and maybe a little more about myself. Ill also probably go through and make this a monitized blog.  I know I haven't said anything yet that anybody will really care about, but right now monies tight and who knows maybe if I keep up with this thing it can help me out on getting through school.

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